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Dr. Jim Verners  
Chiropractic Sports Specialist

101-B, 2955 Jutland Rd
Victoria BC V8T 5J9

phone: 250-721-6919

* Phones answered from

          7 a.m. - noon

       Monday to Friday



Monday:       7am - 1pm

Tuesday:      7am - 1pm

Wednesday   7am - 1pm

Thursday:     7am - 1pm

Friday:         7am - 1pm


The Eagle is "The master of skies", he is believed to have the closest relationship to the creator. By soaring great heights, he can travel between the physical and the spiritual worlds. He is said to be a messenger to the creator. The Eagle signifies focus, great strength, peace, leadership and incredible prestige. 

Mulidzas 'Curtis' Wilson
Campbell River, BC


Dr. Jim Verners



  • Post Doctorate: Fellowship in Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation), Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada), 2004
  • Professional: Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, 1995
  • Graduate: Master of Science (Physical Education), University of Alberta, 1985. 
  • Undergraduate: Bachelor of Physical Education (Athletic Training & Conditioning), University of Alberta, 1984

Post Graduate Training:

  • Active Release Techniques (Credentialed Provider)
  • KinesioTape 
  • FAKTR Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation

Administrative Experience:

  • Board of Director; SportMedBC 2006-2012
  • Board of Director; College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) 2000-2010

Major Games Experience:

  • XXI Winter Olympic Games, Vancouver 2010
  • Canadian Olympic Track & Field Trials
  • B.C. Summer Games
  • Canadian Olympic Swim Trials
  • XIII Pan American Games, Winnipeg 1999
  • Canadian Ironman Triathalon Championships
  • World Archery Championships
  • International Fastball Championships
  • Canadian Senior Track & Field Championships
  • World Police / Fire Games
  • Victoria International Track Classic
  • Pacific Coast Soccer League Victoria United Soccer Club, Team Chiropractor
  • Canada Cup / FINA (Swimming) Grand Prix
  • World Women’s Hockey Championship
  • Canadian Masters Track & Field Championship
  • Canadian Olympic Diving Trials
  • World Curling Championships
  • International Triathlon Union, World Cup
  • BMX World Championships
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