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166. Seasonal Affective Disorder
165. Eliminating jet lag: Strategies to reduce, even avoid, symptoms.
164. 5 Exercises You Didn't Know You Could Do With A Foam Roller
163. Load Management in Sport
162. Sports Drinks and Athletic Performance
161. Stuart McGill's Big Three Back Exercises
160. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS): Why You Get It And What it Really Means For Your Training
159. Text Neck is bad science and fear mongering
158. Body mass index (BMI): Is the formula flawed?
157. Recovery - The Key to Continued Athlete Success
156. Stay Strong — Combating Muscle Loss with Aging
155. The Federal Government is considering taxing your Health and Dental Benefit Plans
154. How to Return to Running after the Flu or a Fever
153. Straighten Up Canada
152. I just got hurt; do I see my Chiropractor or my Medical Doctor?
151. Too Tired to Exercise. Stress, overtraining can lead to adrenal fatigue
150. WorkSafeBC Health Care Benefits
149. Physical activity. The Arthritis Pain Reliever  
148. Stress Symptoms, Signs, & Causes
147. New Ideas on Proper Stretching Techniques
146. How To Warm Up Before Exercise
145. Your Daily Multivitamin May Be Hurting You
144. Cooking Oils
143. 3 Ways To Improve Your Posture - And Why You Should
142. Static stretching: not evil, just not a panacea
141. The Periodized Workout Training Difference
140. Sleep: Training with your eyes closed.
139. The Importance of water and Your Health
138. Regenerate: Your Job Isn't Over When The Workout Ends
137. What's the Buzz with Energy Drinks?
136. Why sitting is a dangerous health threat
135. Aspartame is, by Far, the Most Dangerous Substance on the Market that is Added To Foods
134. With muscles, 'use it or lose it' rings true
133. Why New Year’s resolutions fail
132. Why do people say "No pain, No gain?"
131. Physiological adaptations to low-volume, high-intensity interval training in health and disease. / The potential for high-intensity interval training to reduce cardiometabolic disease risk.
130. The Diet-induced Proinflammatory State: A Cause of Chronic Pain and Other Degenerative Diseases?
129. Treatment and Prevention of Osteoarthritis through Exercise and Sports
128. Words of wisdom: I've learned that...
127. How Red Light Heals the Body
126. Good Posture Helps Reduce Back Pain
125. The Correct Riding Position on a Road Bike
123. Guide to Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs)
122. Eccentric Training for Treatment of Achilles Tendinosis
121. Benefits and Importance of Physical Fitness in Managing Lower Back Pain
120. What Causes Shoulder Impingement/Tendonitis?
119. The three most common golf swing flaws and the injuries they will cause
118. Picking a sports drink
117. Complementary Therapies (Pilates, Rolfing, Alexander Technique)
116. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
115. Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)
114. Adrenal Fatigue and Constant Stress
113. Breaks, posture shifts help ward off low back pain
112. Crossed Postural Syndrome
111. How To Choose A Multiple Vitamin
110. Managing Arthritis and Joint Inflammation, Naturally
109. Microcurrent Physical Therapy
108. Prolotherapy
107. Strong abs don't result from bending the spine
106. Strength training helps prevent injury and improves performance
105. Know your Yoga Styles
104. The Best Workout: Free Weights vs. Machines
103. Barriers to fitness: Overcoming common problems
102. After Exercise - 10 Ways To Recover Quickly After Exercise
101. BAREFOOT SCIENCE, Progressive Stimulus Foot Strengthening Insole System
100. The Perfect Pedal Stroke
99. Technique: How to set up your bike
98. Bosu Balls and Wobble Boards
97. Get the dirt on clean hands!
96. Exercise Breakthrough: Scientists discover the best way to stride off pounds without dieting
95. The Modern Neck / An increasingly common problem
94. Portable Ozone Generator for Sports Equipment Decontamination
93. Long Hours at Computers & Poor Postures
92. Choosing the Correct Pair of Running Shoes
91. First Aid for Back Spasms
90. Canada Running Series / 10K Training Tips (10 week walk/jog Beginner Program)
89. Natural Eating
88. The Buzz about Nutrient Timing
87. Plantar Fasciitis
86. Overtraining Syndrome: Underlying causes of repetitive injury
85. Dragon Boating and Hip Pain
84. What's a Penguin?
83. Tips for a Healthy Golf Lifestyle
82. Balancing the benefits
81. KinesioTaping
80. Foam Roller Exercises
79. Functionally fit: Exercises for real life
78. Preventing the Spread of Colds and Flu
77. Balance of Power. With exercise, older adults can reduce the risk of falling injuries
76. Heads Up - One More Reason Your Back Hurts
75. Training For Proprioception & Function
74. The importance of being ergonomic
73. Running Form Is A Skill To Be Learned
72. Pull your Weeds and Not your Back while Gardening
71. Shin Splints
70. Spinal stress fractures can afflict young athletes needlessly  
69. Don't Let Muscle Pains, Strains Affect Your Holiday Travel  
68. Being startled by the crash may be worse than the impact
67. More Intensive Teen Training means More Injuries 
66. Study links training conditions to balance gains after stroke
65. Nutrition for Neck and Back Pain / Awareness of Analgesic Use Risks
64. Fidget your way to fitness
63. Studies Show Poor Results for Work Restrictions
62. Birdies, Bogies, and Back Pain: Mid-Thoracic Back Problems in Golfers Confound Expectations
61. Pre-run warmup is time well spent
60. How exercise helps BACK PAIN
59. Calorie Balance and Body Weight
58. The Day After - What causes those aches and pains
57. Building Strong Bones Naturally
56. Pilates
55. Tips on marathon safety
54. Regular Exercise Shows Benefits - Even After Sedentary Lifestyle
53. Sleep Posture
52. 10 Reasons to Keep Kids Off Soda
51. WHIP program targets young soccer players
50. Rotator Cuff (shoulder) Injuries
49. Postural Concerns in Track and Field
48. Chronic Back patients Chronically Unfit?
47. How to Buy Athletic Shoes
46. Good Housecleaning: Five Non-Toxic, Get-The-Dirt Out Basics
45. Is coffee your friend or foe?
44. American Medical Association presents solution to "doctor shortage"
43. Basic Back
42. Adding Protein to Sports Drink Improves Performance

41. Posturing for Wellness: Good Health Begins with Good Posture
40. Building the Perfect Feast
39. If you Feel Fine on Six Hours of Sleep, You're Kidding Yourself
38. Distilling the Water Myth
37. Achilles Tendinitis
36. Iliotibial Band Syndrome
35. The Heart Rate Monitor
34. Proper techniques for lifting and carrying objects
33. Flu Fighters
32. Piriformis Syndrome
31. A Stitch in Time ('Side Stitch / Diaphragm Spasm')
30. Essentials of Carbohydrate Replenishment After Exercise
29. Essentials of Carbohydrate Replenishment During Exercise
28. Enhancing Exercise Performance With Pre-Game Carbohydrate Intake
27. The ten faux pas of fitness
26. Pull Your Weeds, Not Your Back, To Make Your Garden Grow
25. How To Care For Your Neck
24. Today's Fashion Can Be Tomorrow's Pain
23. Poor Computer Posture
22. The 3 Phases of Healing
21. Government and Research Studies on Chiropractic
20. Nutrition Advice # 1
19. Seasonal Affective Disorders
18. Research Reveals Alarming Danger Associated with Improper Backpack Use
17. The Weekend Warrior's Guide to Injury Prevention and Treatment
(Removed by request of the author)
15. Check Out Your Workstation
14. Save Your Back, Improve Your Game
13. Before or After a Workout, stretching is a must
12. You Can Manage!
11. Housework and Back Pain
10. Self-CPR: This could save your life!
9. Minimize the Effects of Travel
8. Sit Ups
7. Good and Bad Running
6. When to Use Ice or Heat
5. Massage Therapy
4. Physical Fitness
3. Improving Core Stability
2. Cumulative Trauma Disorder
1. Active Release Techniques

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