July 2014 



Health care benefits

If your claim is accepted, WorkSafeBC may pay for medical services and supplies required to help you recover from your compensable injury and assist in your return to work. Some of these products or services must be pre-approved by a WorkSafeBC board officer or case manager before WorkSafeBC will pay for them. When you are receiving treatment, provide your claim number to your health care provider.


Medical services and supplies that may be reimbursed, in whole or in part, are as follows:




  • Treatment by a chiropractor, physiotherapist, naturopath, doctor, or specialist; or treatment by a massage therapist when referred by a doctor


  • Generally WorkSafeBC does not pay for more than one type of medical treatment at the same time, for example, treatment from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or a registered massage therapist. If you are receiving more than one type of concurrent treatment, please contact us


  • Not all therapists will treat WorkSafeBC clients


  • WorkSafeBC must pre-approve treatment by a massage therapist that extends beyond five weeks of treatment, or extends beyond the first eight weeks following your injury.


  • Dental treatment related to the accepted claim as approved by WorkSafeBC


  • Hospital services including but not limited to: emergency room visits, hospital short-term and long-term stays, day surgeries, dressing changes, casting, and diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs


  • Nursing care performed by a registered nurse, or a licensed practical nurse as designated by a registered nurse, through the following services including but not limited to home care, residential care, wound care, and home IV therapy




  • Prescription drugs related to the injury
  • Medical supplies, appliances, or equipment including artificial limbs, canes, dentures, hearing aids, wheelchairs, eyeglasses, crutches, back and leg braces, and some orthotics
  • Other expenses that are a necessary part of your medical care or recovery



Who pays for your chiropractic treatments?


  • If you have reported your injury to your employer, WorkSafeBC, and your chiropractor,

you will have a claim number.


  • If WorkSafeBC accepts your claim, we will pay your chiropractor directly. You do not

have to pay any additional costs.


  • If your claim is not accepted, you are fully responsible for the cost of your care.


  • If your claim is pending, your chiropractor will arrange payment options with you.


  • If your claim is subsequently accepted, your chiropractor will then bill WorkSafeBC directly and reimburse any outstanding funds.


What if you have not started a claim with WorkSafeBC?


Call WorkSafeBC at one of the following numbers:

General claim or entitlement inquiries

  • Lower Mainland: 604 231-8888
  • Toll Free: 1 888 967-5377


You will be given a claim number, which you can give to your chiropractor.


Keep these numbers close at hand so you can call if you have any questions about your claim.


How long can I go for chiropractic treatment?


Your WorkSafeBC officer may entitle you to up to eight weeks total of chiropractic treatment.


If appropriate, your chiropractor may make a recommendation to your WorkSafeBC officer for

other care providers as necessary.


Return to work is good for recovery


Return-to-work programs are based on the idea that many injured workers can safely perform work during their recovery period and doing so provides emotional and physical benefits which can help with recovery. A WorkSafeBC nurse advisor may be involved to help you safely

return to work.


What is a nurse advisor?


A nurse advisor is a registered nurse with additional training and education focused on return-to-work planning. The nurse advisor does not handle claim entitlement issues.


How can the nurse advisor help you?


The nurse advisor may contact you to assist with developing a return-to-work plan. In doing so,

the nurse advisor will:


  • Collaborate with you, your chiropractor, and

your employer

  • Organize, start, and monitor a return-to-work


  • Support you throughout the recovery process



Contact information


If you have questions about initiating a claim or the status of a claim, please contact:


WorkSafeBC Provincial Call Centre

  • Lower Mainland 604 231-8888
  • Toll-Free 1 888 967-5377


You can also visit our web site at WorkSafeBC.com.