September 2009


The revolutionary progressive stimulus Foot Strengthening Insole System

Think of it as an exercise program for your feet

The Barefoot Science™ System uses your body’s own biofeedback to promote the natural optimal stability and shock management capabilities of your feet. The distinctive dome contour on each insole exerts a mild pressure on the sole of your foot, stimulating reflex muscle contractions that lift up and stabilize the arch. The System includes a series of progressively firmer inserts that gradually increases the degree of stimuli. As you steadily progress through the insert Levels, you safely retrain and strengthen the muscles that support your foot, just like an exercise program. The result is a stronger and more flexible foot. You’ll be more comfortable and less prone to injury.

Everyone from children to seniors can safely use the Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System™. In fact, studies indicate that up to 90% of the population could benefit from using the Barefoot Science™ System. Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet or is interested in achieving optimal foot health, comfort, performance, and reduced risk of injury will benefit.

The Barefoot Science™ System is used by medical professionals as well as world class amateur and professional athletes. It has been proven in clinical settings to be over 95% effective at addressing the cause of gait-related pathologies.  

Barefoot Science was engineered to address a growing need to resolve foot and gait-related problems in a natural, rehabilitative, and holistic way.

Footwear/Insoles/Orthotics Studies conducted around the world indicate that footwear actually causes the majority of our foot, leg, and back problems. These studies also indicate that, by the age of six, children’s feet are negatively affected by conventional footwear. This is because footwear and conventional cushioning insoles dampen the sensory stimulus that the sole of the foot requires for optimal foot health and function, causing it to become weak and unstable. This instability is the major contributing factor to most foot problems and pain. In an effort to address these symptoms, conventional footwear and supportive shoe inserts (orthotics) attempt to restrict or control the foot’s movement. While this may provide some temporary relief, it does not address the cause of the instability, therefore, foot function remains unhealthy.  Additionally, this creates a never-ending cycle where the foot progressively weakens and becomes increasingly dependent on the artificial support. Recent research has shown that users of supportive and cushioning footwear and foot care products are injured up to 300% more often than those who don’t.

The Barefoot Science™ System is different! It is designed to stimulate and strengthen the muscle of your foot right in your shoes, effectively counteracting the negative effects of footwear.


Barefoot Science stimulates, strengthens, and restores optimal foot health.

Understanding the cause of foot problems A lack of adequate sensory stimulation to the sole of the foot results in an unstable arch system and weakened foot that negatively affects how you walk. For most people, this means that their feet will excessively pronate (instep rolls inward as the toes point outward), while for others, the feet will excessively supinate (instep rolls outward as the toes point inward). Depending on the footwear type and activity levels, these instabilities cause a tremendous amount of degenerative stress in the muscles and at the joints. These degenerative stresses are the chief cause of most foot-related problems and pain.

Active Stimulus vs. Passive Support The revolutionary Barefoot Science™ System isn’t designed to artificially support (like orthotics) or cushion the foot (like regular insoles). Its unique dome design gently stimulates reflex muscles contractions to strengthen the weakened muscles that support the foot, much like squeezing a tennis ball strengthens the muscles of the hand and forearm.

The Barefoot Science™ System is the only insole technology that is based upon the same scientific principles that have been proven and widely accepted in modern sports and rehabilitative medicine. The technology utilizes the body’s own biofeedback mechanisms to safely and naturally stimulate, strengthen, and restore optimal foot health (i.e., a balance of strength, stability, and flexibility). A strong stable foot effectively eliminates the cause of degenerative stresses, which are the principal sources of foot-related problems.

Barefoot Science stimulates and conditions with every step. The benefits of the Barefoot Science™ System are both REHABILITATIVE and PREVENTIVE, making it the natural choice for everyone from children to seniors. Everyday use of Barefoot Science™:

  • Provides the active sensory stimulus required for optimal foot health and function

  • Increases strength, flexibility, and dynamic stability through a natural workout of the foot’s muscles

  • Stimulates the optimal structural integrity of the foot’s arch system for superior natural shock management, and comfort, while enhancing performance capabilities

  • Eliminates the degenerative stresses caused by collapsing arches that contribute to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

  • Improves muscle function and skeletal alignment in the feet, legs, hips, and back, virtually eliminating the degenerative stresses that cause pain

  • Optimizes dynamic stability (motion control), effectively addressing the cause of excessive pronation-related knee ailments and the shearing forces that cause bunions

  • Reduces risk of injury by promoting a balance of muscle strength and flexibility while optimizing muscle efficiency, i.e., enhancing energy storage and release capabilities.

Barefoot Science promotes optimal biomechanical alignment to eliminate the cause of discomfort and pain.

Protects against bunions and rehabilitates turf toe. For those who excessively pronate, the big toe can be pushed toward the other toes as their foot pushes off when they walk or run. This generates a tremendous amount of degenerative stress at the joint of the great toe and is the major contributing factor to the formation of bunions and turf toes. Use of the Barefoot Science™ System stimulates, strengthens, and retrains the muscles that align the bones of the foot for optimal strength and stability prior to the foot’s contact with the ground. This ensures proper foot position at all times during ground contact, effectively and safely eliminating degenerative stresses.

Protect against plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. As the weakened and unstable foot accepts the weight of the body, it is forced to flatten out and roll inward (pronate). The resultant tension and strain can lead to heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. When developed, the strengthened foot muscles and arch system can relieve strain and tension on the plantar fascia. The Barefoot Science™ System helps increase the strength of the muscles that support your feet so your arch system works more effectively, eliminating excessive tension and strain.

Barefoot Science addresses the cause, not only the symptom.

Knee problems and shin splints. When the foot pronates or flattens excessively, it causes the lower leg and knee to rotate inward. This results in degenerative stresses that are often the source of walking-related knee problems. When the bones of the foot are optimally aligned, they provide a strong stable platform for the lower leg and effectively eliminate the twisting torsional strain and degenerative stresses at the knee. When the sensory stimulus to the sole of the foot is dampened by footwear, the reflex muscle activations of the small muscle (in the front of the shin) are inhibited. Optimally, these muscle contractions align the bones of the foot prior to ground contact to create a strong stable arch system. When this fails to occur, these small muscles over work in an attempt to compensate and pull up the collapsing arch causing degenerative stress (micro tears) where the muscles attach to the bone.  

Hip and lower back pain. With every step, repetitive excessive pronation causes poor mechanical alignment through the feet, leg, hips, back, and even up to the neck. This causes varying degrees of degenerative stress at the joints and throughout the muscles due to compensatory over-use. A stronger, more stable foot provides a solid foundation for the rest of the body and enhances ideal biomechanics (bone alignment and muscle function) to effectively eliminate the cause of degenerative stress and strain.